CAME-TV Sony FS7 And FS5 Camera Cages


With the growing popularity of these two Sony cameras, a sturdy and reliable rig is a must have. Our Sony FS5 Rig gives you all the essentials you would need to deck out your camera. It has a shoulder pad, a wooden top handle and the top and bottom baseplates have options to mount 15mm rods.

CAME-TV FS5 Camera Rig

Our Sony FS7 Rig is basically three main pieces that can easily attach together to form one solid piece. The FS7 Rig is covered in mounting points, allowing the shooter to attach a bunch of accessories to the top plate, side plate and even the top handle. Like the FS5 Rig, you have the option to attach a pair of 15mm rods to the top and bottom plates.

CAME-TV FS7 Camera Rig

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CAME-TV FS5 Camera Rig CAME-TV FS7 Camera Rig