CAME-TV Tioga Optical Snoot Review By Gaffer & Gear!


Youtube reviewer, Gaffer & Gear, recently tested out our new CAME-TV Tioga Optical Snoot that was released along side our Tioga Series LED Spotlights!

The Optical Snoot provides selective lighting along with special effects! The 20° lens projects a focusable circle of light, which is great for manipulating your lighting setup to fit the look you're going for.

CAME-TV Tioga Optical Snoot

The gobo holder accepts the included filters to project an image or pattern onto a surface. The bowens mount provides easy attachment to our new Tioga Series Lights! When purchasing this snoot, a hard carrying case for storage and protective transport is included as well!

CAMETV Tioga Optical Snoot

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CTV Tioga Optical Snoot