New CAME-TV Crystal-V MKII Video Transmission System!


Our Crystal-V Video Wireless System MKII can be powered by either v-mount battery or with the updated adapter - an NP style battery! Giving you more versatility on how to power the transmitter while using this wireless  system while on shoots.

CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

IOS, Android App monitor
500 meters distance (1640 ft)

1. Support HDMI in and SDI in. SDI loop out, USB 5V output.
2. V-mount or NP Style battery can be used. It can be mounted to the V-mount plate, power for both transmitter and camera


With the receiver having a built-in Sony monitor mount, you can directly attach the receiver to the back of your monitor and power both the monitor and receiver via a Sony NP style battery.

CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

(BTS Pictures provided by SatoStudios)
CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

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CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System