No Film School Passes By Our NAB 2022 Booth To Check Out Our New CAME-TV Power Station!


We were extremely happy that No Film School was able to come by our booth and check out one of our newly announced products - the CAME-TV Power Station! You can watch the full video below or skip over to the 1:38 mark for our Power Station segment.

With our Dual V-Mount Battery Charger + AC Inverter, this Power Station can expand how you use your professional V-Mount batteries by allowing you to power a Laptop while you're editing in the field, or maybe charge your Drone batteries while you're off-the-grid.

With a variety of output options you can Power LED Lighting, Wireless Video transmitters, Monitors, and more! Dual D-Tap outputs, Dual 12V barrel adapters, USB-A, and a Type-C output, the Power Station is a must-have accessory that expands the use of your cine batteries.

Output Interface:

2 -  AC Socket 110V/220V
1 -  Type-C 5V,2A
4 -  USB-A
2 -  DC 12V,3A
2 -  D-Tap 14.4V,10A
1 -  LED Light