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CAME-TV Octo Chargers

Our CAME-TV Octo and Quad USB Chargers include either 4 or 8 NB-6L Style Batteries(depending on which on you purchase) and is designed to work with both our KUMINIK8 and WAERO headsets. In addition to working with the headsets, this charger is also compatible with a wide range of digital cameras that use the NB-6L style battery!

Charger Specifications
  • Input: 20V, 2.25A, 45W
  • Output: 4.2V, 0.9A*8


CAME-TV Quad Chargers

We were extremely happy that No Film School was able to come by our booth and check out one of our newly announced products - the CAME-TV Power Station! You can watch the full video below or skip over to the 1:38 mark for our Power Station segment.

With our Dual V-Mount Battery Charger + AC Inverter, this Power Station can expand how you use your professional V-Mount batteries by allowing you to power a Laptop while you're editing in the field, or maybe charge your Drone batteries while you're off-the-grid.

With a variety of output options you can Power LED Lighting, Wireless Video transmitters, Monitors, and more! Dual D-Tap outputs, Dual 12V barrel adapters, USB-A, and a Type-C output, the Power Station is a must-have accessory that expands the use of your cine batteries.

Output Interface:

2 -  AC Socket 110V/220V
1 -  Type-C 5V,2A
4 -  USB-A
2 -  DC 12V,3A
2 -  D-Tap 14.4V,10A
1 -  LED Light

@maytherdigital just picked up some of our #Cametv #Vmount #Batteries w/ our V-mount Battery Charger & #PowerSupply! #VmountBattery #Charger #VmountCharger - Another game changer added to the arsenal ⚡🎥
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