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Youtube user, TheAwesomeSam, uploaded this video of how he put together a DIY support backpack for his CAME-ARGO 3-axis gimbal!

With just a few simple items he bought buy online or at a hardware store, TheAwesomeSam was able to build a backpack that hooks onto the handles of his ARGO. A support backpack is known to relieve some of the stress in your arms while holding the gimbal for long periods of time.DIY Support Backpack

The CAME-ARGO features a 32 bit Alexmos Board and is completely tool-less. All of the motors are equipped with encoders, which make the ARGO's performance much more smooth and accurate, while also increasing the lifespan of the battery. The CAME-ARGO comes with a monitor mount and a wireless remote, allowing you to control the gimbal remotely and switch between modes.

CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal

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CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal


RunPlayBack, uploaded this detailed video of how he made a D.I.Y rig, so you're able to capture steady shots while riding an electronic longboard or snowboard. He was able to achieve this by only using a handful of items: a Xiaomi Yi action camera, the CAME-ACTION Gimbal, a painter pole and a painter pole adapter. You can check out all these items along with some awesome example shots in his article Here>>

Here's one of the example videos from his article of his D.I.Y Rig in action!

The CAME-ACTION is one of the first commercially available 3-Axis 32 bit basecam controlled gimbals(made specifically for action cameras) to offer brushless motors with encoders. The design of the CAME-ACTION allows for one hand operation and the internal rechargeable batteries are fitted inside the grip handle. The built in Joystick can be used for controlling camera positions and for changing modes.

CAME-TV ACTION Gimbal For Action Cameras

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CAME-TV ACTION Gimbal For GoPro and Other Action Cameras