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Vimeo user, takato152, uploaded this awesome short film that was filmed entirely with the CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal! The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera & the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera were both used to shoot this film. Watch it below!

The CAME-Optimus is the successor to our very popular CAME-Single 3-axis gimbal! The single handle has a built in joystick, but the Optimus will also include a wireless Joystick Remote. All motors on the Optimus can rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation.


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Hungry Boy Productions, shared this wonderfully shot wedding highlight video that they recently filmed. They used a bunch of a gear for the shoot and one piece of gear they used was our CAME-TV Single gimbal! Although, they didn't specify what their exact setup with the CAME-Single was - they did say this,

"All gimbal, slider shots taken with Tokina 11-16 F2.8 Lens and all slow motion done on a blackmagic micro cinema camera (bmmcc) with a Panasonic 12-35 2.8"

The CAME-Single offers full 3-axis stabilization with a built-in joystick and brushless motors with encoders. It's extremely easy to balance with it's tool-less design and portable body, making it easy to take with you for shoots. The CAME-Single has an internal battery that will allow it to operate for up to 20 hours.

CAME-TV Single 3-Axis GimbalFor more information on the CAME-Single gimbal click below! Make sure to also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and information on any new products we release.

CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal