7000 7500 7800 Gimbal Shakes When Tilting Up or Down


If you've received your gimbal, balanced your camera, and find the system works perfectly when panning Left or Right, but is not stable when Tilting Up or Down, double check if you've mounted the Camera Frame in the correct position. Take a look at the image below.


The Pitch motor (controls Tilt) should be located on the Left Side of your Camera (when standing behind the camera). If you have the motor on the right hand side, then the frame is both upside down and backwards. This will cause confusion with the sensor orientation as it tries to keep your camera level.

Surprisingly we receive several emails a week because of incorrect mounting of the camera. Most people will immediately start to change PID settings, and even attempt Firmware updates (not recommended unless you know what you're doing). Please double check this before attempting to modify any settings on your gimbal.

Install Camera Properly Came-TV Gimbal
Install Camera Properly. Pitch Motor on Left Side of Camera. Rotate Gimbal Frame if Necessary to Achieve this Position. Do not Disassemble the Gimbal. Simply remove camera and rotate frame.

For tips on how to properly balance your gimbal, click here.