CAME-7500 Gimbal Used In A Wedding Video By Csproductions87


Csproductions87, uploaded this wedding he shot using his Panasonic GH4 balanced on a CAME-7500 gimbal with a Rokinon 16mm Cine Lens. The video is a quick highlight video that follows bride and groom as they prepare for the ceremony.

Although, the CAME-7500 gimbal is discontinued, we advise that you check out the updated version of the 7500 - the CAME-7800. The CAME-7800 is  based on the original CAME-7500, but it's completely upgraded and pre-assembled. The 7800 has upgraded; handles, quick release plate and is tool-less on the roll and YAW axis.

CAME-7500 Gimbal
CAME-7500 3-Axis Gimbal

CAME-7800 Gimbal
CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

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