CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane Featured on “Top 5 Tools For Cinematic Camera Moves” By Neumannfilms


Neumannfilms, recently uploaded a video that talks about his top 5 tools for cinematic camera moves. Cinematic camera moves are typically a must have when shooting any type of video and we are extremely honored that our CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane is a part of this list!

The CAME-TV 33ft. Crane is a must have for shots that require a really tall and stylistic jib shot. With the crane being roughly 33ft. in length, you are able to pull off some incredible looking shots that can really boost the production value of your film. Although, the CAME-33ft. Video Crane doesn't come with any weights or a camera, it does come with everything you need to start filming. It comes with a pan/tilt head system + a controller, a tripod and dolly base, an external power pack and even a 7" monitor. The crane can hold cameras that are pretty heavy in weight like a RED EPIC, BMCC or even a Panasonic AG-HMC150 Camcorder.

CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane

If you haven't checked out Neumannfilms full review of the CAME-TV 33ft. Crane that he released a bit ago, make sure you check it out below.

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CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane