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Youtube user, Glory Visuals, uploaded this Behind The Scenes vlog post on setting up his CAME-TV Stabilizer for an award show!

Our CAME-TV Load Pro Stabilizer has a max payload from 2kg-12kg, giving you the ability to use a decent sized camera rig. The head of the baseplate comes equipped with a power, AV and HDMI connector with all the wiring feeding through the carbon fiber post.

CAME-TV Stabilizer Vest
Overview view of some key features:

  • Height of monitor bracket can be adjusted flexibly and be rotated in all direction
  • Head of Baseplate with Power, AV and HDMI connector
  • Included is a low-shooting bracket
  • The 3 lines built in the carbon fiber post, no worried for attrition
  • Max. Length: 102cm (40in)
  • Min. Length: 70cm (28in)

CAME-TV Stabilizer

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CAME 2-12kg Load Pro Camera Video Carbon Stabilizer

Youtube channel, Amaze Studios, uploaded this video of him testing out our new CAME-TV Power Station to power his Livestream setup with V-Mounts!
Our recently released Power Station is a Dual Channel cinema battery charger that doubles as a portable power station with a built-in AC inverter. This Power Staton can charge your V-Mount batteries and when you're out on a shoot, it's a portable generator - offering a pure sine wave AC Inverter and multiple DC outputs.

CAME-TV Power Station Hot Swap

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CTV Power Station

MrCheesyCam, recently uploaded this overview video that goes over our new CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Bi-Color Light and the Boltzen Magnetic Snap Kit!

The Boltzen 55 Watt video light shares the exact same housing as our Boltzen 30w Fresnel with the exception of a built in cooling fan to dissipate the extra heat. Our fan is barely audible at a distance of 1 meter. The CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel Video Light can be powered from AC (with included power adapter), NP Series battery or V-Mount battery via the included V-Mount adapter cable providing convenient use on set and on location.


The Magnetic Snap Kit has magnetics built into the face of it so that you can easily snap on the modifiers: grid, filter holder or diffuser. The modifiers can be used individually or stacked with the magnetic snap system allowing for a lot of creativity.


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came-tv-boltzen-55w-bi-color-fresnel-led_02 came-tv-boltzen-magnetic-snap-fit-modifier-kit_01

Neumannfilms, recently uploaded a video that talks about his top 5 tools for cinematic camera moves. Cinematic camera moves are typically a must have when shooting any type of video and we are extremely honored that our CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane is a part of this list!

The CAME-TV 33ft. Crane is a must have for shots that require a really tall and stylistic jib shot. With the crane being roughly 33ft. in length, you are able to pull off some incredible looking shots that can really boost the production value of your film. Although, the CAME-33ft. Video Crane doesn't come with any weights or a camera, it does come with everything you need to start filming. It comes with a pan/tilt head system + a controller, a tripod and dolly base, an external power pack and even a 7" monitor. The crane can hold cameras that are pretty heavy in weight like a RED EPIC, BMCC or even a Panasonic AG-HMC150 Camcorder.

CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane

If you haven't checked out Neumannfilms full review of the CAME-TV 33ft. Crane that he released a bit ago, make sure you check it out below.

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CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane


We are having a $100 off sales event on several popular items. This is our way of saying thanks to our existing and new customers. We will be frequently updating with new sale items, so stay tuned for these great savings!




The design of the CAME-Action allows for one handed smooth operation........ The new CAME-SINGLE is one of the first 3 Axis 32 bit Basecam controlled...... The new MINI2 is completely tool-less which allows the operator to change setups....
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Support full-HD Plug & play
1080p/ 60Hz video display with very low latency No software needed
Line of sight range LCD screen display
Up to 80m / 260ft Signal & battery status of product




unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4
Wireless Follow Focus
30m Wireless HD
800*480 HDMI AV Field Monitor w/ Peaking Focus Assist... The digital wireless lens control provides the ability to remotely control focus when used on jibs, cranes, dollies, gimbals, steadicams and drones. No latency with using real-time HD video transmission technology....
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CAME-7800 Gimbal Used In This BMX Video By Tempo Media UK


Tempo Media UK, went out with his Panasonic GH4 and CAME-7800 and shot this video that showcases BMX rider, Jay Cowley.

The video shows how the CAME-7800 gimbal can be a good piece of equipment to have for shooting action sports like BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. The CAME-7800 is a great gimbal for DSLR cameras like the Canon 5Dmkiii or mkii but can also work with smaller cameras like a Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7s. Read More >

In this quick review, MrCheesyCam, goes over the CAME-TV 100m Wireless HD Video Transmitter Kit. Not only does he go over the specs, he even attaches it to his Panasonic GH4 camera and tests the range of the 100m Wireless HD Transmitter Kit.

The 100m HD Transmitter Kit make it extremely easier for the shooter and the director to collaborate together. The shooter can be filming as the director watches from a distance on an external monitor. The transmitter takes a common Canon LP-E6 battery and the receiver uses a Sony NP-F570/F750 battery. Syncing the transmitter and receiver requires you to simply cycle through the numbers by clicking the "Mode" button then hitting "Ok" to confirm.

CAME-TV 100m Wireless HD Video Transmitter And Receiver

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CAME-TV 100m Wireless HD Video Transmitter And Receiver