CAME-TV Technical Support / After Sales

If you are in need of technical support for your CAME-TV product, please first see our guide of FAQ articles for a listing of tips answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

- When/has my order been shipped yet?

- I want to change the shipping address of my order.

- I want to cancel/return/exchange my order.

- What is your warranty policy?

- Do you still offer repairs if my product is not covered by warranty?

- What is your return policy?

- Do you ship to my country? If I place an order, how long does it take to ship to my location?

- I've lost a part for my CAME-TV product and I need a replacement. Can I order a new one?


(Unfortunately, we are unable to offer offsite support or repairs for gimbals that have been discontinued or are more than 5 years old. But please see posts below for the most common troubleshooting tips).

- I've recently purchased, or am thinking about buying a gimbal. Is there anything I should know before I get started?

- I'd like to see some reviews and/or sample footage showing your gimbals in use. Can you link me to some?

- How do I know if my camera will work with one of your gimbals? What are the maximum payloads of your gimbals?

- How do I balance my camera on a gimbal?

- I need an instruction manual for my gimbal. How can I get one?

- My gimbal constantly beeps whenever I power it on. What is wrong?

- How do I test my gimbal battery to know it's going bad?

- I purchased/received a replacement battery for my CAME-Single. How do I install it?

- Will my camcorder work with any of your gimbals?

- I'd like to purchase a wireless remote for my CAME-Single, but I'm not sure if it's compatible. How can I check?

- How do I assemble the dual handle kit for the CAME-Single?

- The battery on my CAME-Optimus seems loose whenever I mount it. Am I doing something wrong?

- How do I properly power up the CAME-Optimus?

- Why do the new CAME-Optimus gimbals now use a BP-U30 battery? Can I purchase an original DC18 Optimus battery?

- I've noticed you upgraded the batteries for the CAME-Mini 3 and CAME-Argo. What's the difference between the two kinds?

- My camera has an off-center tripod mount and I can’t balance it on my gimbal. What can I do?

- What should I know before purchasing a used gimbal from a private seller?

- How do I connect my gimbal to the SimpleBGC software?
(WARNING: We strongly suggest that you connect to the software only if you've been authorized to do so directly by a CAME-TV associate. Doing so without guidance by official CAME-TV personnel can cause your gimbal to malfunction and in turn compromise your warranty status. Proceed at your own risk.)

- How do I know which software version to use with my gimbal?

- How do I save my profiles?

- How do I upgrade/downgrade my firmware?
(WARNING: Do NOT upgrade or downgrade your firmware!!! See article above for more details.)

- I need to keep my gimbal very quiet when using it on productions. Is there a way to mute the audio on it?

- I'm getting minor vibrations/jitters on my gimbal. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

- My gimbal is perfectly balanced, but it slightly drifts on its own. What can be done to fix this?

- I've changed my follow modes, but I'd like to return them to default. How do I do this?

- Is there a way to calibrate my gimbal without connecting it to a computer all the time?

- Understanding RC (remote control) settings.

- How do I adjust the speed of my joystick controls? (This process applies to Follow speeds too).

- How do I control my Boltzen lights with my smartphone?

- Are the Boltzen DC power adapters interchangeable?

- Will your Boltzen lights work with any Sony NP-F batteries? Even third party ones?

- I would like to purchase a Steadicam but I'm unsure whether I need to get a light arm or heavy arm. How should I choose?

- I have a problem with my CAME-TV product and would like to send you a video. How do I do this?

Did you not find the solution to your problem in this page? You can contact us by filling out this >>form and one of our technical support associates** can get back to you. Please note that all inquiries will be addressed in the order that they are received. Technical support hours are from Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00 (PST), Friday 09:00 - 14:00 (PST).Please note that we get many submissions daily and all inquiries will be addressed in the order that they are received. Your patience and patronage is greatly appreciated!**Our technical support staff is unable to answer any sales-related questions including order/shipping status, and is unauthorized to look into return/exchange requests. For these requests, click here.