How to properly replace your CAME-Single battery


If you recently received a brand new CAME-Single battery to replace your old one, but are unsure of how to install it, feel free to watch the video below to help guide you through the process.

After installing your new battery, please know that a full charge can be achieved in 2-4 hours (depending on current battery life). To assure full functionality, we suggest staying close to your gimbal during the charging process so that it does not overcharge. Overnight and/or unsupervised charging is not advised.

If you own a CAME-Single and suspect that the original built-in battery may be giving you problems (power problems, overheating), you can notify our support department and they can assist you with the matter.

NOTE: If your CAME-Single's handle internal battery configuration contains an extra protective circuit board and differs from the one shown above, then please see this video for steps on how to replace. If you are unfamiliar with the soldering process that is required for this alternate installation process, we'd suggest bringing your Single & battery into a professional electronics/repair shop so they can do it for you.