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CAME-TV Stabilizer CAME-TV Stabilizer CAME-TV Stabilizer
Here are some BTS pics from a music video shoot of @enmanuelzabala18 using our CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest!


CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube LED Light

@hydraulicstudio recently used one of our CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube lights on an interview shoot! “It’s Monday, but that’s not slowing us down one bit. We’ve got a jammed pack week with edits and shoots so let’s do this!” #cametv #tubelight #ledlight #bts #interview #onset #andromeda #cametvlight #led #ledtube #lighting


Youtube user, Joseph Walsh, uploaded this quick BTS clip of him operating our CAME-TV Accordion Crane on a recent music video shoot!

The Accordion allows the arm to extend 4.7 Meters (15 feet) out and then retract back in. The drive is powered by a V-Mount battery (Not included) and is controlled by an easy to use rocker switch. The max payload is 15Kg (33 lbs), which will work well when paired with our Argo, Prodigy or Mini 3 gimbal!


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