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The CAME-Steadicam can hold camera setups that are roughly 5 to 33 pounds with a minimum height of 27.5 inches and a max of 40 inches. The CAME-Steadicam comes equipped with a baseplate that has a Power, AV and HDMI connector. You also have the option to buy the stabilizer and the vest separately or as a package.

CAME-Steadicam Pro


Click below for more information on the CAME-Steadicam Pro.

CAME-Steadicam Pro With Vest


These instructions provided by MrCheesycam shows How to Balance our CAME-TV H4 Stabilizer.


@brianaichlmayr balanced his#red#dragon on the #cametv #carbonfiber#stabilizer



For more information on the CAME Carbon Fiber Stabilizer click the picture below!

CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Stabilizer