CAME-7500 & CAME-Single Gimbal Used To Film A Wedding By Ken Lauguico


Ken Lauguico, posted this video that highlights a wedding he shot using the CAME-7500 and CAME-Single 3-axis gimbals. He used two different DSLR cameras, the Canon 6D and the Canon 5Dmkii.
The video has a ton of great tracking shots that follow the bride and the groom as they both get ready for the ceremony. The CAME-Single is  a great one handed gimbal that provides extremely steady footage because of the brushless motors with the new encoder technology. The CAME-Single is great for cameras like the Sony A7sii, Panasonic GH4 or the BMPCC.

CAME-TV Single 3-axis GimbalAlthough, the CAME-7500 is no longer available, the CAME-7800 is an upgraded version of the 7500 gimbal and is tool-less.  For more information on the CAME-Single or the CAME-7800 click below! Make sure to also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates and information on any new products we release.

CAME-Single 3-axis gimbalCAME-TV 7800 3-axis gimbal