Problems Pairing Wireless Remote with your CAME-TV gimbal


We've received a few reports from CAME-Single customers who are experiencing problems pairing their CAME-Single with the wireless bluetooth remote . Please first note that all gimbals leave the warehouse pre-paired, and should NOT require this process. However, for those experiencing the problem of not having their gimbal & remote paired right out of the box, please follow the video below for a few additional steps on how to manually do so.

1. Find a small metal stick like a paper clip to use as your main tool.
2. Make sure your wireless remote receiver is properly installed in your Single.
3. Power on both your Single and remote.
4. Poke the metal stick into the remote's center hole for about 5 seconds.
5. Poke the metal stick into the tiny hole on the Single's handle & hold it there. Move the joystick around and the gimbal should eventually respond to the joystick movements (this could take a few minutes).

If you have a CAME-Argo or CAME-Mini3 with a similar problem, you can follow the steps in the video below:

Lastly, if you have problems pairing the newer CSWR-4 remote, please follow the process shown in the video below to sync it with your gimbal.