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@fabianrennerdesign testing out his #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #panasonic #GH4 and #lumix 12-35 lens!
some test shots
#gh4 #4k #filmmaking #locationscouting #gimbal #cametv #work #springiscoming via Instagram http://ift.tt/1SQELeT

Vimeo user, Perbenyik Productions, posted this quick overview of the new CAME-TV Elastix Gimbal Support
The CAME-TV Elastix is designed for the CAME-ARGO gimbal and can be bought separately or as a package with the ARGO. The CAME-Elastix gives the shooter the ability to hold the gimbal longer by reducing fatigue you may have in your arms from filming long takes. To attach the ARGO, you simply detach the handle bars and attach the ARGO's frame to the Elastix.CAME-TV Elastix Gimbal SupportFor more information on the CAME-TV Elastix Gimbal Support click below! Make sure to also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and information on any new products we release.

CAME-TV Elastix Gimbal Support

@philipbloom's #cametv #single
#gimbal setup with his #Sony #a6300 and #Zeiss #sonnar #24mm lens!
Totally forgot I had this lens as was on my A6000 which I haven't used in quite a long time! The @carlzeisslenses Sonnar E 24mm F1.8. Crop sensor only but nice on the A6300 and the very cool @cametv single which I am pretty impressed with.
I will upload a little clip to my Facebook page that I just shot to test it. Nothing fancy. Cats and cameras are featured! via Instagram http://ift.tt/1S9YH9r

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1S0nt1S

Youtube user, Jeff Estanislao, uploaded this engagement video he shot using the CAME-Single with his Sony A7S and Sony 10-18mm f.4 lens.

The CAME-Single is a 3-axis gimbal that is completely tool-less and extremely portable. The entire gimbal(including the parts) all fit in a protective hard case with foam padding on the inside. The max payload for the CAME-Single is about 2.6 lbs, which is perfect for smaller/lightweight cameras like the Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and the Sony A7S/A7R series cameras. Check out Jeff Estanislao's other wedding video were he uses the CAME-Single gimbal, also.

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CAME-Single Gimbal 3-axis Gimbal

@steckvision's #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #Panasonic #GH4 and #Olympus #12mm lens!
Taking the Single for a ride.
#cametvsingle #cametv #gh4 #4k #olympus12mm #bern #switzerland #steckvision via Instagram http://ift.tt/1MP19WD

@philipbloom shooting with the #cametv #single #gimbal and #sony #a6300 in one hand and having a beer in his other!
People have asked why would I be interested in trying out these one arm gimbals when I have a @freeflysystems Movi m5 and a @letus35 helix Jr.? This is why...😳🍻 Sony A6300, Zeiss 24mm, Rode Video Micro, Came TV single.
At the @marshallamps_uk Hanwell Hootie. I never knew Marshall started here. Very cool. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1V5lB88

@super_owens testing out the #cametv #single #gimbal with his #Sony #a7sii and #Nikon #50mm lens!
#gimbal #cametv #cametvsingle #sony #a7s2 #a7sii #nikon50mm #nikon #silkysmooth @cametv @sony #testing via Instagram http://ift.tt/1RY0iVV

CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod

8 Layers of Crisscross Carbon Fiber
Converts to a Monopod
Includes a Ball Head
Legs Reverse Fold for Compact Storage
Low Shots by Inverting Center Column
Storage Bags Incded


CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod


action unnamed-5 CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal
CAME-ACTION Tool-less CAME-SINGLE Tool-less CAME-ARGOTool-less
The design of the CAME-Action allows for one handed smooth operation... The new CAME-SINGLE is one of the first 3 Axis 32 bit Basecam controlled... The CAME-ARGO is completely tool-less which allows the operator to change camera setups....
read more read more read more

@eriknaso testing out his #Sony #a6000 with the #cametv #single #gimbal! ・・・
Setting up the @cametv Came- Single with the a6000. Tomorrow my a6300 comes in and this handheld gimble could help with rolling shutter when shooting handheld. Balancing the Came-TV is so easy and toolless I like that. #cametv #gimbal #videoproduction #cameratesting #videoreview #bts #production #fimmaking # via Instagram http://ift.tt/2372Y5o

What a setup! The #cametv #single #gimbal and #Panasonic #GH4 with two #sennheiserG3 #wireless receivers attached to the grip! Posted by @togetherinstyle
This is the deal... #Lumix #gh4 #cametvsingle Two #sennheiserg3 lavs running into a #sounddevices mixPre-D #lumixlounge via Instagram http://ift.tt/1VZb5ip

Shana Vassilieva of Happy Shiver Productions, filmed this highlight video for Empowering Women and Girls through Sports. It's a great program that focuses on increasing the number of woman and girls from around the world to get involved in sports. The documentary highlight video was primarily shot using the CAME-TV Single gimbal with a Panasonic GH4 camera and Lumix 12-35mm lens.

Shana was kind enough to share some great BTS pictures of her on location shooting the video with the CAME-Single. We encourage you to check out Shana's article that she posted on her blog that will give you a little more insight on the program.



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CAME-TV Single Gimbal

Take a look at this clip from a #documentary that @happyshiver filmed using the #cametv#single #gimbal and #panasonic #GH4 with a #lumix 12-35mm lens!

@steady2002 doing some filming with our #cametv #steadicam and his #redscarlet camera!Filming on #steadicam #cametv with #redscarlet into The Escorial palace. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1TlT3pZ

RunPlayBack, uploaded this detailed video of how he made a D.I.Y rig, so you're able to capture steady shots while riding an electronic longboard or snowboard. He was able to achieve this by only using a handful of items: a Xiaomi Yi action camera, the CAME-ACTION Gimbal, a painter pole and a painter pole adapter. You can check out all these items along with some awesome example shots in his article Here>>

Here's one of the example videos from his article of his D.I.Y Rig in action!

The CAME-ACTION is one of the first commercially available 3-Axis 32 bit basecam controlled gimbals(made specifically for action cameras) to offer brushless motors with encoders. The design of the CAME-ACTION allows for one hand operation and the internal rechargeable batteries are fitted inside the grip handle. The built in Joystick can be used for controlling camera positions and for changing modes.

CAME-TV ACTION Gimbal For Action Cameras

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CAME-TV ACTION Gimbal For GoPro and Other Action Cameras