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Lucky Punch Productions, recently uploaded this review of the CAME-TV 1092D Ultra Slim LED Light Panel.

CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED 1092D Daylight LED Panel is extremely lightweight and portable, making it an amazing accessory for any photo, video, or film production. All CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Lighting Panels are powered through industry standard Sony batteries (NP-F or V-Mount), which makes them perfect for both studio and remote location productions. The Ultra Slim Lights are available in both daylight and bi-color.

CAME-TV 1092D Daylight Ultra Slim Led Light Panel



Click below for more information on the CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED Light Panels.

CAME-TV 1092D Daylight Ultra Slim Led Light Panel

Reviewer Tom Antos does a great review of our 1080P Wireless HD Video System for DSLR video cameras. Tom gives an overview of the product as well as some examples of why a wireless video system would be useful during a project.

This wireless system supports full 1080p HD at 60Hz with very low latency. With simple plug and play, you don't need any extra software to use the equipment. The system can transmit up to 80m/260ft and works best in range line of sight.

Check out the link below for more information on the 1080P Wireless HD Video Transmission.


Vimeo user, Dieter Knüttel, uploaded this three part CAME-Single review. The first part is an overview and an unboxing, the second is a driving test and the third is labeled "Action Scenes" where he shows how the CAME-Single handles during some running situations.

PART 1: Unboxing And Overview

PART 2: Driving Test

PART 3: Action Scenes With A Dog

The CAME-Single has a max payload of about 2.6 pounds and can work with small cameras like the Sony A7s, Panasonic GH-4 and the BMPCC. The new updated version of the CAME-Single has internal batteries located in the handles that produce higher voltage for more power and stability.

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CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal




Dan Chung from, posted an interview that was filmed at the CAME-TV booth at the BIRTV show in Beijing. The video gives a quick rundown on the specs and profiles of the CAME-Mini 2 Gimbal.

The CAME-Mini 2 is completely tool-less, allowing the operator to change camera setups and re-balance the entire system on the fly. A quick release system has been added to the MINI 2 Gimbal making it easier for the shooter to detach the camera from the gimbal.

CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal

Click below for more information on the CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal.

CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal

Initially, you can download any version of the SimpleBGC software to connect to your gimbal. After your first successful connection, look at the version of the firmware on the screen (shown in green below). 


Once you have verified the firmware version, you can go back and download the correct GUI version to match your firmware.

Typically, you will want the the software version whose number is equal or lower than the firmware version. For example, in the example above, since your gimbal has been programmed with a 2.56 b9 firmware, you will want to find a SimpleBGC software version that is equal or slightly lower than 2.56 b9. In this case, the closest software version available is 2.56 b7. You should always use the same GUI when configuring your gimbal. And most importantly, NEVER upgrade your firmware!!!

Download link for the SimpleBGC GUI software can be found here.

Everything Steadicam, used the CAME-Single to shoot this intense video that showcases some of the beach workouts that Rawmana Fitness has to offer.

The CAME-Single is a 3-axis gimbal that is made primarily for those "on-the-go" shooters who want a quick one-handed setup. With it's built in joystick, it will allow you to easily pan and tilt while the gimbal is in motion or stationary. The 1/4-20" mounting point on the side of the CAME-Single's handle gives the shooter the option to mount a monitor or a smartphone.

CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal


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CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal