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Esperanza Creative, recently shot this corporate promo video that showcases their upcoming event called "Urban Rec". He filmed it with a CAME-Mini 2 gimbal and a Sony A7S with the Sony SAL50F14 50mm lens and also a Sony FE 28-70mm. Due to the privacy settings set by the owner, please click the picture below or click here to watch the video!


The CAME-Mini 2 3-axis gimbal is an extremely portable gimbal that can easily be brought with you to different shoots. The Mini 2 is completely tool-less, which will make it easier for you to balance your camera or to make minor adjustments. The max payload the CAME-Mini 2 can handle is 2.6 lbs, making it perfect for cameras like the BMPCC, Panasonic GH4 and the Sony A7S/A7R series.

CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal

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CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal

@philplanta went out today and filmed some test shots with his #cametv #single #gimbal and #sonya7rii + a #SonyFE #28mm F/2 lens!
Testing out our #Sony #a7rii with #cametv #cametvsingle #gimbal.
#indiefilm #cinematography #indiefilmmaking #camera #4k #lowlight #photography via Instagram http://ift.tt/1UGyNzf

@maxsyder doing some filming with his #cametv #mini #gimbal and #olympusomd camera with a #olympus17mm lens! via Instagram http://ift.tt/1QwK7My

@kbarly posted this pic of his #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #sonyA7 and #sigma19mm lens. For audio he mounted a #rode #videomic on his camera.
Filming @northcoastacademy with my #cametvsingle! .
#drumline #alloutphotography #northcoastacademy #sonya7 #rodemic #rode via Instagram http://ift.tt/21O1yMs

Perbenyik Productions, recently got his hands on the new CAME-TV ARGO gimbal and uploaded this quick unboxing video that goes through everything you get when you purchase the gimbal.

In his second video, Perbenyik Productions, goes through a quick setup/balancing of the CAME-ARGO with his Panasonic GH4 and a Lumix 14-42mm lens.

The CAME-TV ARGO is completely tool-less, making it easy to balance your camera straight out of the box. The ARGO can hold setups that don't exceed the max payload of about 6.6 lbs. All the motors on the ARGO are equipped with encoders that make the gimbals performance more stable and precise. The middle section of the ARGO has a quick release battery that has a lifespan of about 15 hours (NOTE: if you have other accessories that are also being powered by the gimbal, the lifespan will be less).

CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal

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CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal



@paulbrasil filming on a rooftop with his #cametv #single #gimbal! Shooting with a #panasonic #gh4 + a #Lumix #15mm lens and a #smallhd monitor
BTS with Hollywood Anderson - video coming soon | photo by: @mariakgarcia #hollywoodanderson #behindthescenes #smallhd #gh4 #cametv #queens #astoria #nyc #rooftop #rooftopnyc via Instagram http://ift.tt/1p2Z92O

@anibalsduarte shooting a music video with his #BMPCC paired with the #cametv #PocketCinemaCamera #cage! ・・・
Behind the scenes shooting Soundskill's "Believe it" music video. #filmmaker #video #musicvideo #music #onset #behindthescenes #director #dp #bmpcc #multiblitz #aputure #sigma #fujian #kipon #cullmann #fancierstudio #cametv #scandisk #wallimex #neewer #ravpower #pantona via Instagram http://ift.tt/1QWjnY1

Johnnie Behiri, from Cinem5D.com, uploaded this detailed article on the new Sony A6300 camera. Along with a well written article, Johnnie Behiri, posted a test video in which he used the CAME-Single with the Sony A6300 and a Sony 16-35mm F/4 lens.

Although, brushless motors with encoders have been available for a little bit now, the software used to control gimbals have recently added support for encoders. The CAME-Single is one of the first commercially available 3-Axis 32 bit basecam controlled gimbals to offer brushless motors with encoders. It can hold camera setups up to  2.6 lbs, which is perfect for mirror-less cameras like the Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and the Sony A7S series cameras.

CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal

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CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal

@mrcheesycam using the ‪#‎cametv‬ ‪#‎ARGO‬ ‪#‎gimbal‬ with a ‪#‎DTap‬ adapter that has a built in ‪#‎USB‬ port to give power to his ‪#‎Sony‬ ‪#‎A7sII‬ camera!

@amagifilms posing with his #cametv #single #gimbal and #sonya7s + #canon35mm
Lens! ・・・
#grabando en #sevilla #plazadeeepaña #a7s #cametvsingle #sony #amagifilms via Instagram http://ift.tt/1UzR556

@pemmemedia brought all this gear with him to film in SE Asia, the #cametv #single #gimbal included with a #bmpcc and #nikkor lenses! ・・・
This gear was used when shooting for one week in SE Asia. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1Y2wWoh

Our Latest Featured Customer Video Is With Simon Shasha Who Pairs The Latest Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera With Our CAME-TV Came-single Gimbal Stabilizer and the Blackmagic Micro Cage To Produce His Video 'training Day'.

Tell us a little about yourself and the videos you create.

Hi guys, my name is Simon Shasha. I am an independent-filmmaker living in Sydney, Australia. I grew-up in a very low-income, working-class family. Film and Cinema have always helped me escape reality when I needed too, and further my understanding of the human-condition. I believe that filmmaking is the ultimate amalgamation of all the arts. My ultimate goal is to create films that address the human-condition. I want my films to be powerfully empathetic and allow the audience to experience life in someone else's shoes. For work and income, however, I create live-event videos for many famous musicians that come to tour in Australia (a showreel of my live-event work can be seen here:https://vimeo.com/70929158). Live-event video production is very exciting, energetic and kinetic, and requires a filmmaker to be able to adapt to the situation - there are no storyboards in live-event video-production - so you can never truly be prepared - you just have to adapt to each situation as best as you can and be confident with the decisions you make as you shoot.

How did you decide on choosing our CAME-TV Single?

I already owned a CAME-TV 7800 3-Axis Gimbal. When I found out that I was selected as a beta-tester for Blackmagic's Micro Cinema Camera, I decided that a small, light, single-handed 3-axis gimbal was needed. Having been impressed with my CAME-TV 7800 gimbal, and after seeing the other single-handed gimbals on the market, I decided that the CAME-TV Single was the best choice based on specs and quality.

Do you use the CAME-TV Single often?

Yes, very often! I now use it even more than my CAME-TV 7800. The CAME-TV Single is just so simple and fun to operate! And the battery lasts FOREVER!

What is your typical camera setup when using our CAME-TV Single?

My typical setup is usually a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera/Micro Cinema Camera with a Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 lens.

What kind of style do you typically try to aim for when shooting videos?

My favorite film of all time is the French film "La Haine". Not only is the story, acting and direction great, but the cinematography too. The cinematography it uses, in my opinion, is very a pseudo-documentary style - though it is a cinematic film, the photography is very realistic and reminiscent to the lighting and camera movement you'd usually expect to see in many documentaries - it is very raw and gritty. My other favortie films, such as "Amores Perroes", "City of God", "Children of Men", and the commercial and music-video work of French director, Romain Gavras, also employ this technique. I usually try and aim for this style when shooting with my films and live-event work. I do this because I feel that the realness and rawness of this technique draws the viewer in more and allows them to feel as though they are really there - thus immersing them in a more subjective experience with the film's environments and characters.

Would you recommend the CAME-TV Single to other videographers/shooters?

Yes! Especially if you want to achieve cinematic camera movement with a small and easy to use kit!

How often do you go out and shoot videos?

I try and shoot every weekend - even if I will never use the footage. I believe it is the best way to learn and master technique.

What do you like best about the CAME-TV Single?

I like that it allows the creation of very cinematic camera-movement - and it does it while being compact, light and easy to set-up!

Where does your inspiration to shoot videos come from?

I believe video/filmmaking is a very powerful art-form. It has the power to influence hearts and minds, and allow people to feel things - truly feel things. I really believe filmmakng can make the world a better place by means of subjective immersion and empathetic response. My inspiration comes from wanting to contribute to that goal. From a technical-aspect, I draw my inspiration from from my favorite director's (Terrence Malick, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Wong Kar Wai, Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Spike Lee, Chan-wook Park, Takeshi Kitano, Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky), my favourite cinematographers (Christopher Doyle, Emmanuel Lubezki, Rodrigo Prieto, Roger Deakins, Matthew Libatique, Jeff Cronenweth, Jordan Cronenweth) but also from commercials and music-videos too (mainly the work of Jonathan Glazer and Romain Gavras).

What is your favorite type of shot you like to achieve?

I don't necessarily have a favorite type of shot, however, I like when a shot is so immersive that even I forget that there is a camera there. This is why I like the work of Terrence Malick so much; I feel his use of only natural-lighting creates a very natural, immersive and subjective experience

Is there anything else you would like to share about the CAME-TV Single?

The CAME-TV Single is truly a great-product that opens up an entire world of camera-movement that was just not feasible before - and it does it with a very small footprint at a very affordable price. I recommend it to all filmmakers, but I highly-recommend it to other filmmakers that are like me; low-budget filmmakers that usually work alone and have a very "run and gun" style of cinematography. It really is an amazing piece of kit!

How was your experience with our Blackmagic Micro Cage?

The CAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cage was really great and easy to work with - amazing build-quality too! It allowed me to take the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, which is basically a camera-sensor in a box, and sculpture my own hand-held, light-weight rig around it. I suspect that the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera will be used mainly for things like drones, and as a "crash cam" with car-mounts and so on, however, thanks to equipment like the CAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cage, the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera can now be used like any other camera in a traditional handheld/chest/shoulder set-up. The CAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cage provides the freedom and capability to allow cinematographers to customize their filmmaking configurations as they see fit.

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CAME-TV Single 3-axis GimbalCAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Cage(BMMCC)

@oldtripod's #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #panasonic #lx100! ・・・
Balancing the LX100 on the CAME-Single #camesingle #oldtripod @cametv @jbcameradesigns via Instagram http://ift.tt/1TQ7T7n

@pemmemedia posted this pic of his #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #BMPCC and #nikkor24mm AI-S lens!
Field test #3 Use a gimbal when you want super steady shots. The #cametvsingle pistol grip gimbal is easy to travel with and is a breeze to setup. #cametv #lanparte #lanc #bmpcc
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1Tlxd6V

Neumannfilms, recently uploaded a video that talks about his top 5 tools for cinematic camera moves. Cinematic camera moves are typically a must have when shooting any type of video and we are extremely honored that our CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane is a part of this list!

The CAME-TV 33ft. Crane is a must have for shots that require a really tall and stylistic jib shot. With the crane being roughly 33ft. in length, you are able to pull off some incredible looking shots that can really boost the production value of your film. Although, the CAME-33ft. Video Crane doesn't come with any weights or a camera, it does come with everything you need to start filming. It comes with a pan/tilt head system + a controller, a tripod and dolly base, an external power pack and even a 7" monitor. The crane can hold cameras that are pretty heavy in weight like a RED EPIC, BMCC or even a Panasonic AG-HMC150 Camcorder.

CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane

If you haven't checked out Neumannfilms full review of the CAME-TV 33ft. Crane that he released a bit ago, make sure you check it out below.

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CAME-TV 33ft. Video Crane