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@askdsn shooting a music video with the #cametv #single #gimbal and #SonyA7sii camera with a #Sony #28mm lens!
Behind the lens with @breakawayaus via Instagram

A very basic, yet common question that we get is "How do I know when my CAME-Single is done charging?" First off, a full charge can typically be accomplished in about 2-4 hours. Keeping it plugged in any longer can run the risk of overcharging your battery, and causing it to go into a protective sleep mode.

However, as a visual indicator of the battery's charge status, you can look no further than the LED indicator light that is on the charging plug.


When plugged in, a red light on the plug shows that charging is currently in progress. Once full, the light will switch over to green, indicating the battery is completely charged and the gimbal is ready to use.


@funkymac posted this pic of his #cametv #7800 #gimbal setup with his #Canon #6D and #Tamron 24-70 lens! ・・・
My type of Saturday. 🤗 • #cametv #canon via Instagram

Many of our newer gimbals such as the CAME-Single, Mini 3, Argo, etc. now come with a wireless remote that allows you to toggle between profiles and control its pan/tilt movements. To charge the remote, you'll simply need a Micro USB cable and plug it into any wall outlet or portable USB charger. These Micro USB cables are very common, as they are the same type that charge many Android smartphones and numerous other mobile accessories.

@lakeeffectmedia filming a car video with the #cametv #single #gimbal and his #SonyA7 camera + a #sigma19mm lens!
BTS of the 240sx day video🎥
PC: @freshwaterwestcoast
#lakeeffectmedia #nismo #nissan #240sx #nissan240sx #drift #cametv #cametvsingle #michigan #puremichigan #sony #sonya7 #sigma #sigma19mm #sigmaart #videography #carvideo #carfeature #illest #canibeat #fatlace #canibeat_crew @cametv via Instagram

CAME-TV Mini 3 3-Axis Gimbal


Motor encoders which increases battery life and prevents the motors from skipping steps.
Smart Battery for longer run time and quick installation.
Remote joystick to control pan and tilt of the camera and also switch through different profiles.
Removable side handles for easy storage and transportation.
5.8G video transmitter below the camera baseplate.


CAME-TV Mini 3 3-Axis Gimbal




action unnamed-5 CAME-TV ARGO 3-Axis Gimbal
CAME-ACTION Tool-less CAME-SINGLE Tool-less CAME-ARGOTool-less
The design of the CAME-Action allows for one handed smooth operation... The new CAME-SINGLE is one of the first 3 Axis 32 bit Basecam controlled... The CAME-ARGO is completely tool-less which allows the operator to change camera setups....
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Quick clip of a #bmx video that @nailtimvideo shot with the #cametv #mini #gimbal and his #sony #rx10

@selahproductions filming outside with his #cametv #7800 #gimbal and #canon5d with a #tamron 28-75mm lens!
Oh the things my job leads me to! #tiling #canon #5d #came7800 #makeitdrain via Instagram

@happyshiver filming a documentary with the #cametv #single #gimbal and a #panasonic #GH4 + a #lumix 12-35mm lens! ・・・
Behind the scenes of doc shoot in the Middle East for the #empoweringwomenthroughsports US Dept initiative. Here I am using the @cametv single and a small mini tripod attached at the bottom for extra points of contact to create more balance and ease during fly on the wall scenarios. Documenting these situations can cause you to be very mobile for extended periods of time---this #cametvsingle is a game changer in how I film documentary content. I've even stopped using the #glidecamhd2000 ✨🎬✨ #happyshiverproductions #jordan #strongerwomenbetterworld #empowerwomen #gh4 #documentaryfilmseries #documentary #gsmp via Instagram

BBW Production, uploaded this wonderfully shot short film titled "The Day", about Winter fly fishing in Estonia. The CAME-7800 was used for all the tracking shots in the first half of the movie and also for some shots sprinkled throughout the film. He shot it with a Nikon D7100 with a 18-105mm VR Nikkor lens.

The CAME-7800 gimbal is an updated version of the old CAME-7500 3-axis gimbal. The 7800 has tool-less adjustments on the roll and yaw axis, making it easy to precisely balance your camera for optimal performance. The 7800 can support cameras like the Canon DSLR's to even Micro four-thirds cameras like the Panasonic GH4 - as long as it doesn't exceed the max payload of about 6.5 lbs.

CAME-TV 7800 3 -axis Gimbal

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CAME-TV 7800 3-Axis Gimbal

Heres another pic of @piotrgrawender getting some shots of #Chicago with his #cametv #single #gimbal and #sonya7sii with a #loxia #21mm lens!
#sony #a7sII #affinitycine #sonya7sII #a7rII #loxia #chicago #discovery #discoverychannel #cametv #cametvsingle Chicago's stroll. via Instagram

A quick clip from @nastaydrek's new music series that used our #cametv #LedLights!

@maxsyder has been shooting non-stop with his #cametv #mini #gimbal and #olympusomd! Glad you're putting the Mini to good use! ・・・
Out again filming. #film #filmmaking #gimbal #subaru #cametv #legacy via Instagram

Since its release, the CAME-Single has proven to be one of our most popular products. A large reason behind this is its compact form factor, and its ability to stabilize many smaller-to-medium size camera setups. Among these recommended setups are mirrorless cameras such as the Panasonic GH4, BMPCC, and Sony a7r / a7s line. That is, as long as the total payload (with lens & battery) falls underneath 2.6 lbs (1.1kg).

With that said, several potential customers have asked us if their traditional camcorder-style video camera can work with the CAME-Single. Even though most handheld camcorders will have a similar payload offering as the cameras listed above, form factor plays a key reason why we DO NOT recommend these for use with the Single.

First off, the physical design of most camcorders offer a different weight distribution, which can prevent optimal balancing. But more importantly, most (if not all) camcorders have a flip out LED screen on its left side that will be blocked by the Single's Pitch motor (same with Mini 1 & 2). So using the built-in camcorder screen will be null and void for use when mounted on the gimbal. As a work around, however, it is possible to run an HDMI line out of the camcorder and onto an external monitor.

But even with that said, gimbals wouldn't be an ideal recommendation. But if you still wish to provide stabilization to your camcorder, we'd suggest looking into our line of traditional steadicam-style stabilizers.

@johnxmarshal controlling his via the ! + a lens