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@privatesalesescorts posted this BTS pic while shooting their webseries. Using the #cametv #7800 with a #canon5d!
Shooting Private Sales in Raw with the magic lantern firmware, came7800, 5dII and a vintage Nikon 35mm lens. You can see the finished scene in episode #2. Now on YouTube. #youtubewebseries #indiefilm #filmmaking #bts #canon5d #magiclantern #came7800
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@gekoz setting up his #wireless #bluetooth controller for his #cametv #single!

"Never been so easy pair a device! #cametv #camesingle #gimbal #3axis #wireless #sony #a7s #filmschool #davedugdale #philipbloom "

@vitographyy posted this pic of his new #sony #A7 setup balanced on the #cametv #7500 #gimbal!
Got the new set up all balanced and ready to go!!!!! Sony A7 with a Tokina 16-28 f2.8 all on a @cametv 3axis gimbal with an external 7" HD monitor! Ready to start shooting asap!
Hmu for all your photo and video needs! Tag your favorite local artist so we can work together!!!
#vitographyy #sonya7 #sonyalpha #tokina #16to28 #2point8 #3axisgimbal #cametv #fieldmonitor #videographer
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@canalnomade inverted his #cametv #mini2 #gimbal and mounted it on his tripod on a recent shoot!
Let's work!
#canalnomade #cametv #nx1 #filmmaking #videomaking #nomadesdigitais #gopro #hero4 #h2n #travel #thailand #kohphangan #worldtravel #documentary #queroviajarmais #blogmochilando #gear #studionomade #camera #fnobre
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@newhorizoncolumbus shooting some b-roll with his #cametv #single #gimbal setup!
Getting some b-roll footage with the #sony #a6000 and #cametv #single
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Vimeo user, Simon Shasha, was lucky enough to be chosen by Blackmagic to test their Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera before it hits the shelves. The video is beautifully shot and Simon, actually used two CAME-TV products to shoot the video - the CAME-Single and the new CAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Cage plus a Lumix 12-35mm lens.

The CAME-Single is a 3-axis gimbal that is designed to be portable and extremely steady due to the new encoder technology that has been implemented on the gimbal. It's completely tool-less, making it easy to balance and has a max payload of about 2.6 lbs. Simon, was also kind enough to post some pictures of his setup with the CAME-Single and the BMMCC.

CAME-TV Single With Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

The newly designed CAME-TV BMMCC Cage is made to fit the new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera perfectly. All the buttons on the BMMCC are all easily accessible and it comes with a 15mm rod system. Not only does it come with a solid top handle, but it also comes with a wooden side handle that makes it more comfortable to hold. Take a look at his setup with the CAME-TV BMMCC Cage.

CAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Cage With BMMCC

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CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit Boards With EncodersCAME-TV Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Cage

@zulfazlimokhtar shared this pic of his #cametv #single #gimbal setup he used on a recent wedding shoot!
#cametv #single in action..wedding
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It has been brought to our attention that SimpleBGC GUI version 2.55 b3 is no longer available on the Basecam Electronics website. Since this software is developed externally by a third party company, we have no control over its availability through that site.

However, we know that many of you have CAME-TV gimbals that require this particular version of the software (and associated firmware). So we will provide you with a download link to the 2.55 b3 GUI version by clicking here.

If you are unsure of which software version you should use, then click here.

@happyshiver getting some scenic shots with the #cametv #single #gimbal!
"An idea that brings you to life means that the way you make that film will be unique" - #dorothyfadiman #femalepov #femalefilmmaker #cametvsingle #cametv #cinematography #womenoflight #behindthescenes #happyshiverproductions #girlgaze @cametv
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Kyle SHOX Brown FILMS, posted this promo video of the Bassline Festival that took place in Manchester. He used a Sony A7s with a Canon 35mm F2 and a Zeiss 24-70mm F4 lens - all balanced on the CAME-7800 for the video.

The CAME-7800 is a 3-axis gimbal that is able to hold setups that weigh up to 6.5 lbs, making it perfect for shooters who want to use their DSLR/Mirror-less cameras with a slightly heavier lens. Right out of the box, the CAME-7800 has multiple operating modes that give the shooter different options while shooting a scene. You can disable the follow mode on the pan/tilt, enable the follow mode on the pan/tilt or a "commixture" mode, which allows you to enable the pan but disable the tilt. All the modes can easily be cycled through by pressing the joystick down.

CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

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CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

@hmedgroup getting some fluid shots with his slider + #cametv #single setup!
Didn't think of using the @cametv single this way before! Makes one hell of a #fluidhead on top of a slider.
On a side note: the #cametvsingle handled the weight of a #Panasonic #GH4, #metabonesspeedbooster and a #sigma 10-20mm f3.5 like an absolute champ! Didn't balance a 100% but did manage to get it pretty damn close. Really want to tinker with the PID settings and get some more power out of the motors.
#media #marketing #videoproduction #HMediaGroup #Melbourne #Australia
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@newhorizoncolumbus posted this pick of his brand new #cametv #single #gimbal!
New toy! #gimbal #came #single #cametv #stabelizer #dji phantm #gopro #video #sony #a6300
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Vimeo user, Media Collaboratory, uploaded this quick video of him grabbing some footage with his new CAME-TV Single gimbal. His camera setup was a Panasonic GH-4 with a Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH II lens and it was all shot in V-Log.
The CAME-Single is designed to be portable and easy to use with just one hand. It's completely tool-less, so that there's no hassle balancing or making minor adjustment while your camera is on the gimbal itself. There are two main pieces of the CAME-Single - the handle and the frame, both of which have their own padded cut out in the hard case. Having the gimbal in two pieces allows the shooter to be able to quickly break it down and bring it to different shooting locations. The max payload of the CAME-Single is about 2.6 lbs and can work with lightweight mirror-less camera setups.

CAME-TV Single Gimbal

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CAME-TV Single Gimbal


@smithticuffs filming a fitness video with the #cametv #single #gimbal!
Helping the homie, @migrivokingdom grab some footage today. #cametv #cametvsingle #sonya7rii #zeiss #fitness
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Just going to put this out there right now... DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE, no matter what the SimpleBGC GUI screen tells you. Doing so will completely wipe out your board and can potentially cause irreversible malfunction to your gimbal. And even worse, this course of events runs you the risk of voiding your warranty.

If you are attempting to connect to the SimpleBGC software for the first time, and you receive a pop-up message telling you that you should upgrade your firmware because of a "board vs. GUI mismatch" (as seen below), then it's best that you simply use a different version of the software, rather than upgrade your firmware. When this happens, simply disconnect and then quit out of the current SimpleBGC that you are using and then download the software version that is closest to the firmware version that the pop-up message is recommending.


So in the case shown above, we connected our gimbal to SimpleBGC GUI version 2.43 b9. However, the gimbal's internal control board has been programmed with a software version using firmware 2.50 b2, which is obviously higher than the GUI software that we are attempting to use (v2.43 b9). So as stated earlier, disconnect & quit out of the 2.43 b9 software, and then download and launch the version of the SimpleBGC GUI that is closest in number to the recommended firmware, which in this case would be 2.50 b3.


You should be able to connect successfully this time around with your settings completely intact.

More SimpleBGC tips can be found here.